【let the world know the truth】China Invades Senkaku Islands

【let the world know the truth】 China Invades Senkaku Islands

Mr. FUJII Genki is a journalist and author of 46 books on Japanese and the
global economy, politics, and international relations. He was an associate of
the Program on U.S-Japan Relations, Center for International Affairs, Havard
University. He is now a visiting professor at Takushoku University, Tokyo.

He expresses his opinion on the Chinese Invasion of Senkaku Islands based
on his deep insight on this issue on YouTube. Since he is one of Directors of
the Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fcat, I would like to introduce
his video speech on as below.

China Invades Senkaku Islands
Chinese Military Expansionsism Threatens East Asia


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the Ming Dynasty
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Chinese recognotion of Japanese Sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands

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